SKEEZE Skateboard Tool (United Kingdom)
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SKEEZE welcomes its latest pro, Tim Prozorov, who is also sponsored by DC Shoes, PLAN B and Silver Trucks. See and share his epic footage "An End has a Start," named after the background track by The Editors. A Vincent Kelsey movie.
@THE_LONE_WOLF @timprozorov @SKEEZEskatekeys

New SKEEZE skateboard multi-tool comes as a set of two tempered carbon steel, hot black oxide, patent-pending keys. Click the photos above to enlarge for details.

skatetoolcheck Wheel wrench
skatetoolcheck Kingpin wrench
skatetoolcheck Truck-mount wrenchfeatured skateboard tool on Braille
skatetoolcheck Phillips screwdriver
skatetoolcheck Hex/allen screwdriver (1/8 inch)
skatetoolcheck Emergency grip-tape file
skatetoolcheck Bottle-opener to celebrate your purchase
skatetoolcheck SKEEZE logo keychain
skatetoolcheck Die-cut SKEEZE sticker
skatetoolcheck Ships direct from France for just $3.99

Never have to remember your skate keys again! If you have your house-keys, you have your skate tools!

SKEEZE Europe, Middle East,
Africa, Asia, Pacific
3 place General Marshall
Nice, France 06000
Tel. +33 06 60 60 94 39

SKEEZE North and South America
4470 W Sunset Blvd #90794
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Tel. +1 (323) 739-5498

steve steadham gettin skeezey

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SKEEZE Skateboard Tool (United Kingdom)

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