skateboard multi-toolSKEEZE Skateboard Tool
 Two key-shaped skate tools made from
 tempered steel that fit on your key-ring:

wheel wrench (1/2", 13 mm)
kingpin wrench (9/16", 14 mm)
truck wrench (3/8", 10 mm)
allen/hex screwdriver (1/8", 3 mm)
phillips/cruciform screwdriver
metal grip-tape file
bonus bottle-opener
worldwide shipping just $2.95


free keychain with skate key purchase
skate tool stickers
skeeze skate key t-shirts

wheel tool (1/2", 13 mm):

skate key wheel wrench

truck wrench (3/8", 10 mm):

skate truck wrench

phillips/cruciform screwdriver:

skatekey phillips screwdriver

bonus bottle-opener:

bottle opener

kingpin tool (9/16", 14 mm):

skatekey kingpin wrench

hex screwdriver (1/8", 3 mm):

allen skate truck wrench

metal grip-tape file:

skateboard mini griptape file

skate wrench hipper


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